5 Consequences of Sending Actual Business Christmas Cards

Christmas is all packed up and put away in the loft in our house for another year – I’ve made a list and I’ve checked it twice, now I can be safe in the knowledge that my Christmas card list includes all the up to date addresses, and all the names it should do, to avoid upsetting anyone next year!


We take a very different approach when we write out our business cards.  It is very refreshing to have the freedom of writing and posting a card to all our clients and established business contacts – just because we want to let people know we are thinking of them!

Of course, I do often wonder whether we should be sending non digital cards in the environmentally conscious business world we operate in but the responses below confirmed that, for us at least, it was the right thing to do!

1. An email of appreciation from a business bank manager we are working to build a good referral relationship with.

2. A LinkedIn invitation from a financial advisor, who we had only had minimal contact with in the last six months.

3. A call from a client to arrange payment of an overdue invoice – presumably our previous reminder letter wasn’t quite as eye catching!

4. A return card posted through the door on Christmas Eve.

5. A heartfelt thank you tweet from my favourite business coach!

To ease my conscience we do use recycled card stock, and it does bring it’s own challenges like finding addresses for some people you only ever call!

Do I think it was worth sending so many handwritten Christmas cards to all our clients and established business contacts?

Absolutely! I think it reinforces our intention to provide a personalised service in all that we do.

So it may well be worth going back over your own list and seeing who you have struck off your Christmas card list this year, but more importantly who do you think should be added?

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  1. Great article. I agree that sending a personal, printed, bespoke Christmas Card is a very personal way of saying thank you and seasons greetings. I think it shows more thought and attention to detail than a digital version. Plus it can show creativity and individuality when you commission a personal design.

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