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It’s more than possible that you need some practical accountancy or tax advice but you don’t necessarily need an ongoing working relationship with us yet.   If that sounds like you and you like how we work, then our Fixed Fee Focus Session would be perfect for you.


For a fixed fee of £100+VAT (£120 inc VAT) you can book a 60 minute Zoom call with us to pick our brains and explore your ideas.  By the end of the call we will have provided you with some solid professional guidance on your situation and given some direction with what you may need to do next.

What sort of things do we cover?

Maybe you need to discuss some ideas for a new business and need to know what to consider to keep on the right side of the taxman or the most appropriate way to trade for you.

Maybe you know you need to do something about paying tax on some income or capital gains but you just don’t know where to start?

Maybe you’ve heard about Making Tax Digital and haven’t the foggiest what it is, how it will affect you, and what you need to do differently?

This is the perfect opportunity to just talk through an issue that’s causing you sleepless nights, and feel better for having asked the question.

What happens if I need more than an hour?

The reason we keep it to an hour is that a lot can be covered in that time, especially if you have really taken the time to focus on what you want to cover.  If we run out of time, and you really feel there is a benefit to booking another session, we can do that, it can be useful to have time to think in between.

Why do you not provide a free initial consultation?

If you want to speak with us about to find out whether you want us to be your next accountant, we do have a free discovery call service, which gives you a chance to find out more about whether we would be the best fit for you.

These fixed-fee focus sessions are about discussing very specific areas that you need some guidance on, and to give you the best advice we do need to charge for that.

What happens when I complete your focus session form?

When you hit send, we will assess your pre-session questionnaire, to help us establish that we will be able to help you and to make sure you get the most out of the session.

If we know we can help you, we will send a link to our online calendar so you book a time that works for you.  We will send you our fixed fee session T&Cs along with a link to our client portal so you can provide your personal details and ID documents if we need to carry out any money laundering checks.

The sessions are invoiced immediately following the meeting and payment is collected by pre-authorised electronic payment.

What happens if I come back and ask you to look after my business accounts in the future?

If you are a start-up business and would like to explore your options without committing to an ongoing relationship just yet, booking one of our Fixed Fee Focus Sessions could be a perfect way to get some advice on the best way forward for you.

If within 6 months of the session, you choose to work with us to support your new business accounts and tax needs, then we will reduce your first-year full fee by £100 +VAT (£120 inc VAT)

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Fixed-fee Focus Session

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