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Our passion is helping you take more control of your business finances. With us, you’ll get honesty and support wherever you are on your business journey.

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Straight talking accounting, every step of the way

With you on your business journey

Whether you’re a micro-business wearing too many hats or a growing business adding to your team, we can help you overcome your specific growing pains at each stage of your journey.
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Partnering with you at every stage

Relationships mean everything to us, which is why we provide such a personalised service. Seriously, our clients stay with us for a long time, to the point where we know their children’s and their children's children’s names.
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Supporting amazing businesses with our personalised service

"Knowing all that stuff is under control and you're going to send me those little prompts and reminders. It just really helps."

Emily Sweetman.
Helping people and organisations to feel and do better.

"Working with WBS has freed us up to work more on our business rather than trying to muddle through doing our accounts. This has been invaluable as our company has grown and things have become more complex."

Mike Morrison of The Membership Guys.
Helping others to start and grow online communities and membership websites via their Membership Academy.

"A business should want their finance function to understand the business inside out, from the people, clients, business model, challenges, growth plan – everything! Without this complete knowledge, they’re unlikely to be getting the best out of them. With WBS, you get this."

Ian McIntosh - MD and Co-Founder of Evolved Search.
A specialist search marketing agency (SEO, Paid Search, Conversion Rate Optimisation.

Where are you on your journey?

Busy Professional

These are individual based businesses providing professional services who might be in the early stages of their journey with a desire to grow the business or maintain an established business trading at a level that meets their needs. Where needed they tend to collaborate with others on larger projects and they may have a clear business plan mapped out. We provide reassurance that they are doing things right and that the business finances are accurate to support them.


Businesses like this have grown to a point where they are starting to move from being an individual based business to a growing micro business. The many hats their business owners wear are just getting too uncomfortable and they are looking to build a team of employees or collaborators around them to help guide the business through the winding paths ahead. We make sure that while they are concentrating on building their business they can be relaxed in the knowledge that their business finances are under control.

Scaling Up

These businesses have a bigger and more established structure. They have a team of employees who are committed to the success of the business. They will already have an in house book-keeper but need more regular finance reporting and guidance but aren’t quite ready for a full-time Finance Professional
They want to overcome any plateaus and continue their climb to the summit of their ambitious plans with confidence.

Fixed-fee Focus Session

Grab one-hour of our expertise to answer that pressing business accounts question

It’s more than possible that you need some practical accountancy or tax advice but you don’t necessarily need an ongoing working relationship with us yet. If that sounds like you and you like how we work, then our Fixed Fee Focus Session would be perfect for you.

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Specialist accounting guidance

Cloud Accounting

We’re not just saying that, because we would never recommend something that we don’t use ourselves; we are avid cloud users. In fact, we were one of the very early adopters of the cloud.

We were one of the first accountancy partners in the North East who used Xero (since 2010) AND we’ve been supporting FreeAgent for over 10 years!

Making Tax Digital

As experienced accountants working with small businesses, we can help you navigate the changes that are taking place as part of the Government’s ‘Making Tax Digital’ initiative.

Here is what will happen, what this means for you and your business, and what you need to do.

Essential Resources

We think of ourselves as a part of your ongoing support team, working with you to grow your business and the future that you want and if we don’t have the answer, we have a network of professionals who do.

We'll be creating your resource library very soon.

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