Being in business is all just a phase, isn’t it?

Our whole reason for going into business in the first place was influenced by the desire to do things differently and on our terms.  Andrew and I,  wanted to have the work life balance that we value highly, and for that reason  the different phases of our family life has always had a huge influence on the different phases of our business and affect what we could do and when.

It was a long time ago that I set out my plan for a career that talked about working for myself after having kids, and after having achieved everything up to then that I had set my stall out to do, it took a while to remind myself that it was the next step was in fact a possibility.  Chance meetings, a hugely encouraging husband, and much dipping of toes in the water finally gave me the bravery to ditch the day job and commit to building a business that would support us both in the long term.

That phase was three years ago, and whilst it has been incredibly hard in the last year or so, juggling the level of work I had managed to build up with only 3 days a week childcare, it has been worth it.  There were times that I wondered if I was limiting the business by not working more days, but my resolve remained strong and I kept telling myself to bide my time, and push for growth only when we were ready to.  Now it’s time for us to move outside of what has bizarrely become our new comfort zone to move the business into the next phase that our changing family life will allow us to do.

What changes am I talking about?  Well, my youngest started school in September, which has provided the magical ingredient of extra time, but also financially we are in a better position for Andrew to leave his day job.  Andrew has been as much a part of this business as I have for the last three years in terms of the decision making, donkey work and behind the scenes admin, but professionally has just not been able to be the face of WBS Accountants.

The extra time has also allowed us to refine what it is that we do, who it is that we work with, and have confidence that there is a place for us in the market.  This is huge lifestyle change for us, but one that is right for us, and will allow us to expand on the reputation we have established.   We are now ready to move into the next phase of our business – but on our terms and when we are ready for it.

Here at WBS Accountants we offer a level of personal support to our clients not normally available at an affordable price throughout all their business phases – what phases of your life has influenced your business?

If anything you have read here has raised more questions, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

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