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A New-growth Business

Mike from The Membership Guys

The Membership Guys. Helping others to start and grow online communities and membership websites via their Membership Academy

Before working with WBS…
Our company specialises in helping others to start and grow online communities and membership websites, and we do this via our own training portal ‘Membership Academy,’ as well as a variety of free resources, books and events. As a growing business, we really needed help with the organisation and management of our company accounts. Primarily, the reporting and filing of both company and personal returns.

While there are plenty of experienced professionals who can do this, what drew me to WBS is that they specialise in helping smaller companies. From our experience of working with other accountants who “still help smaller organisations,” we got the impression that we were further down their list of priorities than their bigger clients. That’s what led us to WBS, well that and the fact that I had met Dona years prior to this and had heard lots of good things about her from her other clients.

Now, we are free to work on the business and grow
Compared to other accountants, Dona and Andrew are a lot more down-to-earth and easier to communicate with. And in the 2 years that we’ve worked together, we’ve never felt like an afterthought or that we’re unimportant because we’re a relatively small company. I also feel like I can ask about anything I’m unsure of at any time, without feeling like it’s a dumb question or being afraid of being patronised.

Working with WBS has freed us up to work more on our business rather than trying to muddle through doing our own accounts. This has been invaluable as our company has
grown and things have become more complex. In addition to this, the advice and clarity that they gave us when hiring full-time employees was priceless and gave us greater confidence in growing our team.

WBS are accountants who genuinely care
If you want friendly, approachable accountants who genuinely care and are looking out for you rather than simply going through the motions, then you should be working with Dona and Andrew.

Yes, they have spotted a couple of things that have saved us a lot of money, but it’s what they do beyond this that really matters. They go out of their way to make sure that we’re doing things the right way and we’re claiming everything we should be etc. They genuinely care about us as clients and have an interest in what we’re doing and what our future plans are.

Knowing that if we have a question, problem or concern, that we can email them
right away without a second thought, that’s where the value of their service is to us


A New-growth Business

Gives WBS ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
“Friendly, approachable accountants who genuinely care and are looking out for you rather than just going through the motions.”

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